Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New PlayStation 3 Attempts to Compete With Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii, aside from being an amazing gaming machine with excellent mulitmedia capabilities, has been a sales phenomenon worldwide, and has blown the other other new generations out of the water. With its revolutionary control system, amazing games library and affordable price, it's hardly a surprise.

This has led the other console makers to pull out all the stops to try to compete with Nintendo's gaming giant. In many cases, its almost pathetic the lengths the other companies will go to try to compete. Here's Sony's latest attempt to compete with the Wii.

After being dominated in sales by the phenomenal success of Nintendo's Wii console, Sony is releasing a crippled version of their PS3 console at a cheaper price point in order to compete with Nintendo's sales juggernaut.

The new iteration of the Playstation 3, which will feature a smaller hard drive, less USB ports and the reverse compatibility removed (which means no playing PS2 or PS1 games), will be released at a cheaper price point in the hopes of better competing with the more affordable Wii.

The new Playstation 3 will retail for around $400, which is still costlier than the Wii, but Sony will re-emphasise the PS3's realistic graphics and power chip to justify the price gap. Does it sound to anyone else like Sony is grasping at straws here? I can see the ad now: "In addition to having no decent games, the new PS3 has 50% less features than the old one! Buy the new PlayStation 3... please? We're dyin' over here!"

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