Friday, January 7, 2011

Nintendo Wii - The Current Generation Video Game Console

Wii normally pronounced as 'we' is a video gaming console manufactured by the legendary gaming company, Nintendo. It is the fifth video game console released by the company and it is the successor of another successful console, Nintendo GameCube. Wii has shown a remarkable result in its sales beating both its competitors MicroSofts's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from Sony. The highlight of this new console is its remote controlled known as the Wii remote. With this remote one could achieve the finest motion sensitive gaming.

The video game console is also one of the most compact ones available in the market weighing only 2.7 pounds. Coming in an attractive white color the gaming console can be oriented either horizontally or vertically with the help of its stand. Wii's remote controller steels the show as it attracts larger audience. It comes with an expansion device known as Nunchuk and also a wrist band that prevents dropping of the remote from your hand. The gaming console is also backward compatible with its predecessor Nintendo GameCube and supports all the games that are supported by GameCube. Additionally Nintendo has also released games specifically designed for Wii and playing them with this console is really a treat to game lovers. The gaming console also has an interesting advantage. While playing games with this control you ought to move your hand and thus your upper body gets a good exercise as if you had played the real game.

Some of the games that are popular with the Nintendo Wii include tennis, baseball, and boxing. Nintendo is currently working on the game of cricket for the Wii and Wii gamers are keeping their fingers crossed to play the gentleman's game with this console. Playing these games is great fun and surveys state that 95 % of the gamers feel great to play with this console.

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